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Send a message of peace around the world!
The Dove of Peace flies from site to site, through as many countries
 as possible. It does not belong to ANY belief system. Please help make a line around the globe by taking it with you to your site, by giving it to someone for their site, by passing it on to another continent or to the conflict areas of the world. May trouble and strife be vanquished in it's path

Global Rolling Peace Prayer

Please join the members of the Contemplation Temple Formal Shrine in our
monthly global "Rolling Peace Prayer"

Date  - 22nd of each month

Time -  9pm wherever you are in the world

Please say the Correllian Peace prayer or one of your own

Correllian Peace Prayer

"I pray for Peace
I pray for Love
I pray for Stability
I pray that Love may overcome Fear

and I send energy of Love and Peace
For all people of the World

I create it, I accept it, and I receive it
By my will so mote it be"

Please concentrate on the Correllian Peace Sigil at the same time to diret your prayer.

'Correllian Peace Sigil'

The Correllian Peace Sigil is linked to the Crystal Web
so that peace prayers can be
directed throughout the world where necessary.

Temple of Contemplation's Peace Prayer©

If you are planning on attending please email Anna at ladyannacnt@gmail.com
with your country/time zone so that we
know how far across the globe our call for
a Spiritual Prayers for Peace is reaching

Thank you and Many Blessings
Anna - Contemplation Temple Formal Shrine


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Please join the Correllian Tradition in a Spiritual Campaign for Peace!

Go HERE  for the Tradition's Peace Page

Go HERE for the Correllian Peace Warriors Page


The Correllian Peace Sigil

The Correllian Peace Sigil represents the vortex of peace energy going out to the four directions
and also represents a specific energy vortex Under-The-Hill which is being used to help focus
the peace energies.

Temple of Sedna Crystal Peace Grid

The Temple of Sedna's Crystal Peace Grid is made up of the "Correllian Peace Sigil" and ten quartz crystals. One cluster at the centre, five tumble stones on the spiral and four singing crystals on the arrows

Spread peace on
your site/blog!
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